I am a PhD student from that Faculty of Psychology at Beijing Normal University, China. I was invited to visit the Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology as a joint training PhD student at VU Amsterdam from Sep, 2018 to Aug, 2019. My joint training PhD project financially supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) focuses on how recipients’ power influences prosocial actors’ reputation. During my visit, I will contribute to the development of the Databank project. In addition, I will conduct research on reputation and human cooperation under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Balliet and Prof. Dr. Paul A.M. van Lange.


2016 to present: PhD student in Social Psychology, Beijing Normal University, China
2013 to 2016: M.Ed in Social Psychology, Beijing Normal University, China
2009 to 2013: B.S. in Applied Psychology, Anhui University, China


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