Below is a list of recommended accommodation in Taormina (in order of price). Some of the hotels have blocked a few rooms for our conference (June 19 – 24). For the hotels listed below, please contact the hotel directly when booking your hotel and state you are with the 17th International Conference for Social Dilemmas hosted by Daniel Balliet.

Due to high demand during this period, some of the hotels did not want to block rooms for the conference. I have nonetheless included a few of these hotels below, because you might still be able to reserve a room based on availability.

** We strongly recommend that you book your hotel as soon as possible. The hotels that did block rooms for our conference will hold the rooms until March 1st.**


Hostel Taormina: 23 euros ( This is the cheapest accommodation. There are three rooms with about 10 beds per room (one room is for women only). It is a 10 minute walk to the conference.


Villa Gaia: about 85 euros ( This is a nice family run establishment and they have been kind to reserve all 8 of their hotel rooms for the conference. The owner kept telling me about the tasty breakfast. Located less than a 5 minute walk to the conference.


Villa Floresta: about 85 euros ( A small bed and breakfast only a 2 minute walk from the conference. The location is as wonderful as the price. They only have four, basic rooms. They did not block any rooms for the conference.


Hotel Isabella: about 100 euros ( This hotel is excellent in price and quality, but the hotel would not reserve rooms for our conference. That said, if you act now you might be able to stay here. It is located at a 5 to 10 minute easy walk from the conference venue.


Hotel Victoria: about 100 euros ( Same as above; this hotel has an excellent price and location, and would not reserve rooms for our conference. That said, if you act now you might be able to stay here. It is between a 5 to 10 minute easy walk to the conference.


Porta del Tocco Design Suites: about 100 – 180 euros ( Located about a 5 minute walk to the conference. Excellent location. Rooms are very modern and comfortable. Only 7 rooms in the entire building. I can strongly recommend this option. I’m still waiting to hear if they were going to block all of the rooms for the conference. They might block the rooms and so do let them know you are with the conference when you book.






Del Corso: about 175 euros ( The hotel is located less than a five minute walk from the conference venue and has blocked 7 rooms for the conference. Excellent location!


Hotel Villa Schuler: about 160-260 ( Another wonderful option located about 10 minute walk from the conference venue. I was told it is one of the last remaining true villas in Taormina. It has a wonderful garden and is strategically located between the conference venue and other sites in Taormina.

one DOUBLE GARDENSIDE, 1st floor  162 Euro

two DOUBLES GARDENVIEW 2nd floor with balcony  180 Euro

two SUNRISE JUNIOR SUITES with seaview terrace  248 Euro

two TOP FLOOR JUNIOR SUITES with seaview terrace  261 Euro

PALM TERRACE JUNIOR SUITE, elevated ground floor with seaview terrace  261 Euro

All clients interested in reserving directly should contact  mentioning the allocation for the „BALLIET CONFERENCE“ guaranteeing their own reservation and pay directly on departure.

Hotel Taodomus: about 200 euros. ( I can highly recommend this unique, stylish, boutique hotel that is located within a 5 minute walk to the conference. They have blocked 5 rooms for our conference.2 rooms are blocked until Feb 15th, and 3 rooms are blocked until March 15th. They offer a 10% discount if you book directly with them.

San Domenico Palace: about 290 + euros ( This is the conference venue. This place is special, and if you can afford it, then I can strongly recommend that you stay here. The breakfast is amazing and the hotel grounds are simply breathtaking. If you plan to book a room here, then download and complete this form and send it to the email address above (reservation form)

Of course, in Taormina there are many other options for accommodation (check the websites below). We just recommend that you stay in the town of Taormina and not at the seaside. We also recommend that you attempt to stay as close as possible to the San Domenico Palace (the venue of the conference), because Taormina is located on a steep hillside and we would like you to avoid taking a steep hike to the venue each day.