The Amsterdam Cooperation Lab (ACL) is composed of behavioral and social scientists interested in understanding why, when, and how humans cooperate. We use experimental methods, field methods, and meta-analysis, to test theories about human cooperation.

The study of human cooperation includes topics such as trust, generosity, fairness and forgiveness, as well as rivalry, retaliation, aggression, and hate. We study human cooperation across different scales, from interpersonal cooperation within dyadic relationships, to cooperation within groups (e.g., individuals within a society), to intergroup cooperation (e.g., cooperation between nations).

The ACL reaches out and offers evidence-based suggestions that can promote cooperation – to help mitigate climate change, promote trust in groups and society, and to reduce intergroup conflict.

Below are lab members at the 18th International Conference on Social Dilemmas in Sedona Arizona, June 2019.

ACL Sedona