17th International Conference on Social Dilemmas

Taormina, Sicily

Daniel Balliet, Nancy Buchan, and the Amsterdam Cooperation Lab will be hosting the next 17th International Conference on Social Dilemmas in Taormina, Sicily (June 20-23, 2017). Our three keynote speakers include Bettina Rockenbach, Carsten De Dreu, and Simon Gaechter. We hope you can join us at this stunning, historical location along the coast of Sicily.


We invite presentations on topics broadly related to social dilemmas, in particular research that informs us about the ways in which people think about, approach, act, and perhaps resolve conflicts between narrow self interest and collective well being. We explicitly invite scientists working in a diverse range of scientific disciplines (including but not limited to anthropology, biology, economics, environmental science, neuroscience, political science, psychology, and sociology) because social dilemmas often transcend the traditional disciplinary boundaries and are better understood when different academic fields and intellectual perspectives are considered. We encourage contributions that reflect the breadth of social dilemma research including closely related topics such as social preferences, emotions, social norms, signaling, reputation and beliefs, trust, cooperation and competition. We also welcome work with formal games related to social dilemmas such as dictator games, ultimatum games, the prisoner’s dilemma, trust games, public goods games, coordination games, and other game theoretic innovations. Lastly we encourage empirical contributions that inform us about how to analyze and resolve urgent social dilemmas in the real world such as social dilemmas related to charity and donations, prosocial attitudes, management and organization, environmental sustainability and international relations.


This year we will return to a single session format, allowing all participants to attend each talk. Papers will be presented in three formats; longer symposium presentations (15 minutes, 3 minute Q&A), shorter demonstration presentations (5 minutes) which have proven quite popular at recent conferences in a variety of fields, and posters. The deadline for submissions was Saturday, December 31, 2016. Decisions regarding submissions can be expected by the end of January. Click the links below for details about the conference, accommodation, transportation, program overview and registration fee.






We look forward to seeing you in Sicily!