Meta-analysis on personality and prosocial behavior in economic games


In this meta-analysis we are interested in the relation between personality traits and prosocial behavior in economic games (i.e., social dilemmas and resource allocation tasks).

We have already coded around 800 studies and are now specifically looking for unpublished data. If you have any unpublished study that fulfills the criteria summarized below, we would be very grateful if you could let us know so that we can include it. We also appreciate receiving information about recently accepted/published papers that we might have missed in our literature search.

Our criteria for inclusion are the following:
* Assessment of prosocial behavior by means of an economic game paradigm (i.e., Prisoner’s Dilemma Game, Public Goods Game, Common Pool Resource Dilemma, Dictator Game, Ultimatum Game, or Trust Game)
* Assessment of a personality trait. Measures may include classical questionnaires (e.g., Big Five, trust propensity, empathy, Machiavellianism, altruism, risk attitudes, trait affect etc.) as well as behavioral measures such as resource allocation tasks to measure Social Value Orientation or the cognitive reflection test to measure delay gratification. However, we do not include behavioral risk-taking measures such as the Holt-Laury gambles or any state measures.

If you have any unpublished or recently published study fulfilling these criteria, please send your paper, thesis, draft, or dataset to Isabel Thielmann (

We will then specify the exact information needed beyond what is already available in the information you sent. Most often, this will require minimal effort on your side. Thank you for your help!